• Yuchai Generator Sets

Yuchai Generator Sets

  •   Yuchai generator sets use the diesel engines produced and developed by Guangxi Yuchai to complete sets As a manufacturer of Yuchai generators,our company produces Yuchai diesel generator sets with low vibration,low noise,high reliability,low emissions,easy to purchase accessories and long service life
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  Yuchai's predecessor,Yulin Quan Tang Industrial Society,was established in 1951,and in 1992,the enterprise completed the shareholding system transformation and established Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co.In 1994,China Yuchai International stock was listed on the main board of New York City,USA(stock code NYSE:CYD),which is the enterprise of domestic industry listed outside China.The company is headquartered in Yulin,Guangxi,known as the"Green Power Capital of China".Yuchai has more than 8,000 employees and an annual engine production capacity of more than 700,000 units,with an export capacity of 30,000 units.The main products are micro,light,medium and heavy duty diesel engines and gas engines in 7 categories and 22 series,including automotive,marine,construction machinery,agricultural machinery and power generation equipment,with power ranging from 55 to 880 kilowatts,and the emission of the whole series of products reaching the National 3 emission standard or above.
  Yuchai engines are developed by digesting and absorbing the results of consulting from American Ford Company.They adopt integral forged steel crankshaft,alloy cast iron body and cylinder head,with small volume,light weight,high reliability,overhaul period more than 12,000 hours,low emission,low noise and good environmental performance.


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