• Mitsubishi Generator Sets

Mitsubishi Generator Sets

  •   Mitsubishi diesel generator set power range 500KW-1600KW,using the power station diesel engine of Japan Mitsubishi Heavy Industries,Ltd for power,optional domestic and foreign well-known brand generator and controller Make the work reliable,durable,economy obvious;generator set can achieve diesel engine water temperature,oil pressure, speed, battery voltage,working hours display;generator current, voltage,frequency,power and power factor display;alarm for water temperature,oil pressure,speed,current,voltage;can be manual and automatic operation;RS485 interface output to achieve remote monitoring;meet ISO8528 and GB2820 standard requirements
  Product Details
  Mitsubishi diesel generator has reliable performance and can meet the needs of domestic and foreign medium and high-end users.Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has been developing and producing diesel engines and generator sets since 1917,and the design,manufacture and testing of its major components are done by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries,Ltd.Mitsubishi diesel generator sets can work under severe environmental conditions,durability and reliability for the industry recognized,its compact structure,low fuel consumption,long overhaul cycle.The products comply with ISO8528,IEC international standards and J.I.S Japanese Industrial Standards.
  Mitsubishi diesel generator configuration:
  1.Japan Mitsubishi four-stroke water-cooled diesel engine.
  2.Wuxi Stanford or Nanjing Stamford synchronous brushless alternator.
  3.British deep sea intelligent controller.
  4.Utility charger.
  5.40℃ambient degree radiator.
  6.Steel structure base with chassis fuel tank and built-in shock absorber.
  7.Generator output circuit breaker.
  8.Battery connection line,bellows,elbow,silencer,etc.
  9.Random information,special tools.


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