• DOOSAN Generator Sets

DOOSAN Generator Sets

  •   The Daewoo generator sets produced by our company choose the original imported Doosan Daewoo diesel engine from Korea to complete sets As a professional diesel generator set manufacturer,our company produces Daewoo generators with excellent power,economy,stability,reliability,operability,high cost performance and low maintenance cost
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  Korea Daewoo Corporation was established in 1937,its products have always represented the level of development of the Korean machinery industry,in the diesel engine,excavators,vehicles,automatic machine tools,robots and other fields to create a recognized achievement;in the diesel engine,in 1958 with Australia to produce marine engines,in 1975 with the German MAN company launched a series of heavy-duty diesel engines;1990 Daewoo Europe factory was established in 1990,Daewoo Heavy Industries Yantai in 1994,Daewoo Heavy Industries USA in 1996,and Daewoo officially joined Doosan DOOSAN Group in Korea in April 2005.
  Daewoo diesel engines are widely used in national defense,aviation,vehicles,ships,construction machinery,and generator sets,and are recognized worldwide for their small size,light weight,high resistance to sudden load,low noise,and economic reliability.
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