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Which brand of diesel generator set is good?

  Which brand of diesel generator set is good?Generally,there are domestic brands and imported brands of diesel generators.According to the brand division of engines,domestic engines are cost-effective and cheap.Imported engines have a slight advantage in quality and are relatively expensive.
  So what are the brands of diesel generator sets?
  There are many brands of diesel generator sets,and the top ones are Cummins,Perkins,Yuchai,Weichai,Deutz,Doosan,Volvo,Jichai,Shangchai,Sinotruk,etc.
  Among them,well-known domestic brands include Yuchai,Weichai,Jichai,Shangchai,and Sinotruk.Internationally renowned brands include Cummins,Perkins,Deutz,Doosan,Volvo,etc.


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