• Container Generator Set

Container Generator Set

  •   Designed and manufactured in accordance with international standard containers,20 feet below 1000KVA and 40 feet above 1250KVA;with CSC certification in compliance with the International Container Safety Convention,the whole unit can be directly shipped as a standard container;the container is equipped with explosion-proof lights,and the doors around the container can be opened,there is a ladder outside the box,all hinges,locks,and bolts are made of stainless steel,anti-wave and rainwater intrusion devices are installed in the container;the standard configuration is PMG system,which improves the starting ability of the motor and has immunity to waveform distortion;fuel tank And pipes,oil discharge,mufflers are specially designed
  Product Details
  The silent type box has not only high performance aging resistant flame retardant sound insulation material and sound absorbing material inside,but also has a wonderful design for intake and exhaust air noise reduction.
  1.The load-bearing structure of the base:generator set parallel operation,the load-bearing load of the container base is 2 times the wet weight of the generator set and container self-weight;generator set single operation,the load-bearing load of the base is 1.25-1.5 times the wet weight of the generator set and container self-weight.The design must strengthen the load-bearing design of the base to avoid the deformation of the base when the unit is running.
  2.Water tank filling port and water outlet:water tank filling port for pressure cover,maintenance and repair to open requires a considerable torque.Therefore,the design must be reserved for more than 300MM operation space.If the container height is limited,the water spout can be led to the container outdoor easy to operate the place,and should use a flexible connection.The water tank outlet is a manual valve,the design should reserve the space for operation and maintenance,and the problem of water accumulation when draining.If it is led outdoors,please consider the vibration when the unit is running and adopt the corresponding flexible connection.
  3.Rainproof measures for air inlet and outlet.
  a.The air inlet is generally close to the generator,so if rainwater enters the container when the unit is running,especially into the electrical equipment such as generator,it will be very dangerous.Therefore,the air inlet design in addition to meet the air inlet area also need to carefully consider waterproof measures(such as louvers,deviation from the electrical equipment,etc.).
  b.Containers and cooling water tank are steel products,such as the exhaust air inlet rainwater into,must do a good job of container drainage design.Because the water alone can not corrode the steel products,but water and oxygen in the air will be combined to produce corrosion of steel products.This is the main reason why the container to prevent water accumulation.Especially for some top exhaust design,rainwater directly into the container,if the drainage is not good,produce water,will seriously affect the life of the container and generator set water tank.Therefore container drainage measures must be in place,do not allow water to accumulate inside the box.
  4.Remote control panel for high voltage units:Cat®high voltage units are installed separately from the control panel of the generator set according to the principle of high and low voltage separation.The control panel installation space and observation operation window should be designed in the design.
  5.Low-voltage distribution box:generator set water jacket water heater,moisture repellent heater,mains charger,lighting inside the box need to be equipped with mains power,so the low-voltage distribution box is a container type generator set must be configured.Low-voltage distribution box is usually operated when the unit is stopped,the container design needs to consider the installation and operation space of the distribution box.
  6.Generator maintenance space:the generator has a rectifier and other wearing parts,so the generator should be left behind enough space for operation and maintenance.
  7.Battery set maintenance space:battery set is usually placed in the container side door openings to ensure that the battery repair and maintenance space.
  8.Generator out of the box installation and maintenance space:generator out of the box need to install the output cable or bus bar,so the generator out of the box need to leave enough space for installation and maintenance.Or in the corresponding location reserved for operation doors and windows.
  9.Daily fuel tank operation and maintenance space:daily fuel tank needs drainage and sewage,the design needs to consider the daily fuel tank operation and maintenance space,and to ensure that the daily fuel tank exhaust hole led to the outdoor safety parts.
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