• Silent generator set

Silent generator set

  •   Super quiet diesel generators selected domestic and foreign famous brands MTU,Perkins,Volvo all over up to,Cummins,Shangchai shares,Yuchai and other diesel engines to complete sets And through the national patent technology of the static speaker are made of Anshan steel 3mm cold plate;at the same time after strict pickling phosphating and multi-layer baking paint treatment,effectively achieve the effect of fire and corrosion prevention The bottom with eight-hour oil tank;internal thickness of up to 5 cm high-density flame retardant high-quality sound-absorbing cotton treatment;exhaust system using heat insulation cotton treatment and secondary muffling device,running noise is kept below 68 decibels Unique drain valve design,battery switch design,explosion-proof light device more humane
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  Our company's silent generator with exquisite workmanship,significant noise reduction effect quickly by domestic and foreign customers and get a lot of export orders,exported to Southeast Asia,America and African countries.As the main feature of the company's low-noise generator set products,can not be satisfied with the status quo,to continue to innovate and reform,design and manufacture of low-noise generator set products with more noise reduction effect.
  (1)fastening advantage:the external connection bolts of the static speaker for the national standard stainless steel 304 material,greatly improving the product's ability to resist rust and corrosion in the extreme harsh use environment.
  (2)door and window sealing advantages:the use of carbon steel five seamless hinges,highly elastic sealing tape,gap sealing better.
  (3)lock weathering advantages:static speaker using high-performance carbon steel door lock,more convenient to open,and improve the weathering performance of the whole machine.
  (4)box strength advantages:the main components of the static speaker using standard national standard cold-rolled steel plate and die-casting mold,greatly improving the overall strength and service life of the product.
  (5)anti-corrosion advantages:the outer cover paint after strict zinc washing phosphating and electrophoresis special treatment,electrostatic spraying after high-temperature fusion casting,highly enhanced the ability to prevent rust and corrosion.
  (6)Silent advantage:the silent unit is less than 75 decibels,reaching international standards;the ultra-silent unit is less than 65 decibels,reaching military standards.
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